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Change is a natural part of life, and for us, it's time to embrace a new chapter. After spending many years in our old studio, we have made the decision to move to a new space. This move signifies growth, both professionally and personally, and we are excited to see what the future holds.

Our old studio holds countless memories. It was a place where we learned, laughed, and cried. We designed and planned nearly 800 events from that space, pouring our hearts and souls into each one. It was where our passion for creating beautiful experiences blossomed, and we will always cherish the moments we shared within those walls.

However, as much as we loved our old studio, we felt it was time for a change. The last four months have been dedicated to a lengthy remodel, transforming the new space into something truly extraordinary. Sarah, with her innate talent for design and aesthetics, has taken the lead in this endeavor. Her passion for creating beauty in every corner is evident, and she is thriving in this process. Of course, it hasn't been without its challenges, but we have embraced them with determination and a sense of adventure.

The new studio is three times the size of our old one, providing us with ample space to spread our wings and let our creativity soar. To bring Sarah's vision to life, we have enlisted the help of a talented Parisian designer, Velvet Jungle. Together, they are crafting a space that will inspire and captivate anyone who walks through our doors.

We are eagerly looking forward to the completion of the remodel and cannot wait to share our new space with all of you. As a way to celebrate this milestone, we are planning to have an open house in the fall. It will be an opportunity for us to connect with our community, showcase our new studio, and express our gratitude for the support we have received throughout the years.

Change can be both exciting and bittersweet, but we firmly believe that this move is a step in the right direction for our business. We are grateful for the memories we made in our old studio and excited for the new adventures that await us. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we hope to see you at our open house soon!

A little snippet of what we are woking on!


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