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Timber Ridge, Keystone Wedding

10:00am | We loaded up the van, drove the dirt road on the backside of the mountain at negative 10 miles per hour through all the pot holes while holding our breath and praying things didn't break.

11:15am| We finally reached Timber Ridge, the high winds and a storm rolling through greeted us with gusts of wind and some sleet. We had more stuff to unload than ever before with a time of 2-3 hours to set up. Not to mention Keystone shutting down the lifts as a cautionary protocol for the high winds and lighting.

1:00pm-4:00pm | | This game of on again off again with the weather caused panic amongst most people. All bridal party was at the top of with us in Timber Ridge but the guests were all at the bottom waiting for the "ok" to get onto the gondola and ride up.

4:55pm| hours later we saw the first guest get off the gondola and we asked all guests to sit down asap and lined the bridal party up and queued the music in order to get to dinner because at this point cocktail hour was not happening.

5:35pm | ceremony!! wow the rain stopped briefly and we successfully sat all 175 guests, lined up the large bridal party and queued the processional.

6:00pm | Grand Entrance - we didn't know if our exhales were paralleled our "finallllyyyyy theres something happening" feeling or if we were so glad to see smiles begin to show up on peoples faces. We all took a deep breath to exhale to release whatever the feelings were and had to continue on.

6:15pm | Dinner served! The fresh raw bar was a hit! People were in line for second servings, the music was loud, and the people were drinking. I looked at Lexy and said with laughter "we've walked over 11 miles in this room setting up...I cant sit down or else I wont get up." But we saw a chair and sat in the back for ten minutes and refilled our water bottled only to be prepared to start the traditional elements of the evening.

7:30pm | Toasts! Glasses clinked, people drank!

7:45pm | Cake cutting! The cake was stunning.

8:00pm | Traditional Dances! Iphones were out recording and people had tears of joy!

8:15pm -10:00pm | Drinks kept pouring and dance moves got better!! Ceremony taken down by us, rain continued. Sarah moved the van closer to load up ceremony and negotiated with Keystone to give the clients more time to dance since they 2.5 hours of their wedding was taken due to inclement weather. They agreed after making phone calls. Sarah told clients and they were happy.

10:45pm | Exit of guests. Immense amount of work for SSE and Keystone to break down and drive down.

1:00am | We finally parked the van in the hotel parking lot and went upstairs to bed.

7:00am | Dropped off all items for the clients at the appropriate cabins.

8:00am | Drove back to the studio

8:00am - 11:30am | unload van, clean studio, take out trash.

Florists and planners works SO hard to bring your vision to life. We wish we could control the weather on important days but unfortunately we haven't found that super power yet. Its weekends like this one that bring our team close together!

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