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N-E-W look! We have rebranded, more refined.

We rebranded and we want you to see! It's like our Something Styled brand grew up a little bit and went from a 20 year old to a 30 year old. We all know that your 20's are youthful, vibrant, and fun. However, once you turn 30 there's an internal shift that shows externally through your everyday life and choices. From the clothes we wear, how we decorate our home, to where we spend our free time and so on.

Our new look is up to date with how we feel internally and where we are at in life. It's a look that has been fostering behind the scenes for a couple years.

We traded in our extra bright pinks, teals, yellows and purples for this new look. We took on a more refined look by adding in new fonts, black, orange and more faded (still pigmented) colors. I am sure some of you are thinking ... still bright Sarah...still bright! Girl we hear you but we also don't :)

We will never give up color! That is who we are and we thrive with colorful designs and events.

When the pandemic hit the world in 2020 we felt like we too had hit a wall but we had no choice but to keep our head above water. We still had many weddings, events, and floral orders throughout the year but something felt "off." We knew we were outgrowing our studio space, our look, and even some of our clients.

It was time to trade in our youthful, vibrant look for a more refined look with a colorful foundation. We waited to launch our new look because we had to design the wedding we pulled our inspiration from. Our brand was defined when working at Devil's Thumb Ranch. Our clients, Bailey and Nick, had a luxe fall look that made our hearts burst. Velvets, mustards, rust, black, and blush were highlighted throughout the design. We knew then that this color palette had to be IT!

With the rebrand comes changes. We have new packages and hopefully a new location soon. We have been searching high and low for the perfect space that makes sense for our next step. We have negotiated and "lost" a few properties we were excited about but we know we will find the perfect space to serve you all. With the new space we will have new services ... but we can't share that quite yet!

You will see me, Sarah, taking a step back from smaller orders as I will only be onsite for large scaled weddings and corporate/brand events. I too need to breathe after the last couple of years and plan to recharge through family time I have sacrificed over the last decade. I am the pulse to Something Styled so I will be around daily but not at every event.

With that said we are HIRING! We are looking for loyal, happy, dedicated, and skilled people to join our team. To apply send your resume, active portfolio, and 3 references to

The hiring process will be extensive as we care a lot about who we bring into our lives as we all know this industry takes team work.

We hope you enjoy the sneak peek of our new look. Make sure to pop around our website to see the new layout and look.

Stay tuned for updates on all the other changes we have in our back pocket.


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