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Let's Party Like Girls


because you can’t pour from an empty cup.

How did Party Like Girls Begin?!

Several years ago one of our kids was in a terrible bicycle accident on his way to school and was rushed (almost medevacked!) to Children’s Hospital. As I set out to follow the ambulance, I was told to ‘call my people’ because I wouldn’t be allowed to bring our baby and toddler girls into the area of the hospital where Anton would be admitted. I burst into tears.

I didn’t have people. I genuinely couldn’t think of a single person to call.

We’d lived in Denver for several years, yet I still felt like the new girl to town and was waiting to be invited in…invited over. But those invitations rarely came.

I was in leadership in my MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) group, was class mom, constantly chatted with parents at school and at the soccer field…I felt like I was doing all the things…but I wasn’t doing THE thing. I wasn’t opening my door and having deeper conversations.

Shortly after Anton’s week-long hospital stay, I decided to use any excuse to invite women into my home. Book club, playdates, lunches, coffee dates, Bible studies, wine nights, dinner parties, cocktail parties…anything I could think of to bring people in.

That’s where Let’s Party Like Girls was born.

I was tired of wearing baby spit-up and yoga pants every day. I needed an excuse to take do my hair. To dress up. I wanted to create a beautiful atmosphere that felt like a birthday party but where we were all the birthday girls. 

 I created opportunities to have non-surfacey conversation. To dig in deep. I invited anyone I knew…or wanted to know. My barista, the girl that seems to always be on the treadmill next to me. The mom who always smiles my way at school drop-off. The sweet woman who works in the deli. These are literally the people I invited. And guess what…some of them said yes. What started as a party in my living room with 40 ladies has turned into a movement of hundreds all feeling the same thing:

  • We’re burnt out

  • We’re overwhelmed

  • We’re missing our people

  • We need community

  • We need to be filled up when all we do is pour out.

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