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Yacht Party, Boca Raton Florida

Host Property: @thebocaraton

Event Design + Floral: @boca_by_design

Art Direction, Branding, Paper, Design Support: @tpddesignhouse

Cocktail Experience: @cocktail_acdmy

Spirit Partners: @donjuliotequlia, @ketelone_us

Linens + Furniture: @nuagedesignsinc

Immersive Entertainment: @elanartists

Creative Lighting Design: @jacobco_creative

Umbrella Wall, Swings, Oar Wal, Bar Backs: @eventeffects

Flatware + Plates: @differentlookrentals

Dancer Platforms + Anchor: @whitedoorevent

Tropical Foliage: @jerentropicals

Orbs + Candles: @velaticandles

Banga Booth: @bangabooth

Living Walls: @brelexeventrentals

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