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The Perfect Orange Creamsicle Bouquet Recipe

When we first met Alana, it was client-company relationship love at first site. We just "got" each other and knew that working together was going to be smooth and stress free. She came to us with her most darling mom and we sat at our studio drinking La Croix's and talking about growing up in CO, her engagement, their family dynamic, orange flowers, dusty blush dresses, Ronal Reagan, and what it looks like being from a big family.

Each email and meeting was exactly like that. And then at the end we briefly would say "oh ya back to your wedding ..."

Alana and Taylor showed up to Blackstone Rivers Ranch with huge smiles and grateful hearts. As we were setting up their reception they came in as a large group and hugged one another and teared up just grateful to celebrate the union of two families.

Then of course when they started tearing up so did we! I looked at Sherrilynn and asked her "why am I crying right now?" She looked at me and laughed and told me to wipe my tears on the smilax greenery bundle I was holding. We all started laughing!

The sun was shining down perfectly the entire day. There was laughter, tears, high fives, and glass clinking all day!

There are so many couples we serve that make us feel this way! Alana and Taylor are just one example.

We are so excited to wipe our tears away with smilax this year!


As I was setting up I posted a photo of her bouquet on instagram and received so many messages about the flowers in it.

Heres the recipe to make up the perfect orange creamsicle hand tied bouquet

White Dahlias

Orange Creamsicle Dahlias

White Lisianthus


Yellow Solidago


Dusty Miller



Pampass Grass

Vendor Love


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