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St Vrain Wedding, Longmont CO

Danielle and I met in college at UNC. We were in the same sorority and shared the smallest room in the basement my senior year. We wont forget how cozy our quarters were.

Ryan and Danielle met in college in 2010 and I remember the time they started talking.

When she came back to the AOII house from class she was laying on her bed texting with a huge smile. I asked her what was making her smile so much and she replied "oh a boy!"

"We met super briefly at a party in May (when Danielle remembers meeting) and then met again at another party in August (when Ryan remembers meeting). In August, Ryan was sitting on the arm of a couch at a party and Danielle walked up to him with a couple of drinks and asked, “Would you like a beer?”

That beer turned into forever beers :)

"Ryan proposed on Thanksgiving 2017 with both our families present. We were all together at Ryan’s parents house, and someone suggested we go out on the deck and take some family pictures. After all the different combinations, we were ready to go inside, when Ryan said, “Oh wait, Danielle. We haven’t gotten one of just the two of us.” Then he proposed!"

Fast forward to their wedding day ...

"The best part of the wedding day... that’s such a hard one. Our day really was just perfect. But both of us melt when we remember seeing each other when I walked down the aisle. We decided not to see each other before the ceremony, and that made for such an incredible and emotional reunion. It’s such a special memory for both of us."

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