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Shelfie :)

A second non negotiable for the new studio were shelves, and lots of them! I brought in my contractor to show him my vision and he brought it to life. There are 923 linear feet of shelving! It was a goal to have most, if not all of our inventory on these shelves. I have an entire room dedicated to candles but these shelves highlight the vase inventory.

Gosh! If you have ever moved a floral studio I now feel more empathetic towards you! It is one of the hardest things to do. The day of our scheduled move the movers didn't show up. It was just me at the shop looking around trying not to panic. I had to be out of the space and give my landlord the keys back. Thank goodness a few amazing people pulled through that week and helped me. During the move I also realized I thrive in a minimal yet maximalistic setting. I need color, pattern play and texture but it needs to be well curated and not cluttered. I could write a whole chapter book on the move and building out this space.

But until I decide to do that ... heres some of the shelfie items!


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