My favorite items to bring when wedding dress shopping to make it an enjoyable experience.

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most memorable processes when wedding planning. When I went wedding dress shopping I made sure to pack the three items below. We want you to be prepared when shopping for your wedding dress no matter your size, shape, or height. Spanx adds a boost of confidence to any dress shopping experience. They're even perfect for mother of the brides!

Shop our list of items below

Spanx - shape-wear might feel like a no brainer but no matter your body type Spanx will make you feel comfortable when shopping.

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Spanx bra - let's be honest bra shopping is just as bad as jean shopping if not worse. I always look for comfort, support, and underwire in all my bras. I suggest packing a nude colored bra when shopping for a dress. When you purchase "the dress" buy a bra that parallels the specific design and fit of the dress.

Shop Sarah's favorite bras

When dress shopping always bring a water bottle. Stay hydrated! I brought this water bottle when dress shopping.

Shop Sarah's favorite water bottle - Bottled Joy 32oz BPA Free. I love infusing mine with oranges, lemon, and blue berries for the perfect citrus water. Not to mention it has a tracker on the side.

Friends and Family! Shopping is always better with a good friend or a family member. But remember to be true to your own style and what you love. Opinions are nice, but not always needed!

I hope this small list of items helps you when you dress shop!

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