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Gold Gala, An Ode to the Roaring 20's

Attending a Gala of this magnitude was quite possibly a highlight of our year. This is a top highlight for our 2023 year. We had an amazing time shopping for the outfits, doing our hair and makeup in the hotel, breaking bread with new people, and dancing the night away to Elan Artists impeccable production.

Every inch of the Gala was touched with intentional decor and design.

Enjoy the photos below!

Host Property: @thebocaraton

Art Direction, Branding, Paper, Design Support: @tpddesignhouse

Gala Creative Design + Stage + Escort Wall : @gildedgroupdecor

Headliner Procurement/Production, Showband, DJ & Immersive Entertainment: @ElanArtists

Event Design + Floral: @boca_by_design

Linens + Tables: @nuagedesignsinc

Draping: @swagdecor

Creative Lighting Design: @jacobco_creative

Cocktail Experience: @cocktail_acdmy

Wholesale Floral: @fmifarms

Sound + Backline: @encore_global

Rentals, Candelabras, Furniture, Props: @decoraeventrental

Candelabras + Banquettes: @eventeffects

Confetti: @LiquidSkyLaser

Bars + Bar Backs: @chromeeventfurnishing

Cocktail candles: @velaticandles


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